Conference 2014
"Science, MEdicine, and technology in the Civil War"


Thursday, 9 October , Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics

Keynote Address (6:30)

“Black Powder and the Cannon’s Roar: Science and Technology in the American Civil War”
            Charles D. Ross, Longwood University

Friday, 10 October , Butler Auditorium

First Session: (9:00)

“Morality or War Experience?: The Definition and Treatment of Mental Illness in the Civil War Military”
            Kathleen Logothetis Thompson, West Virginia University

"The Disabled Lion of Union: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Non-Visible Disability in the Post Civil War North"                    
            Sarah E. Handley-Cousins, University of Buffalo

Second Session: (10:30)

“ ‘We Can Never Again Be Civilians:’  The United States Soldiers’ Home, Union Veterans, and Their Unending Civil War, 1851-1900”
            Scott E. Ackerman, The Graduate Center, CUNY

“ ‘Fit for Nothing:’  Institutionalized Civil War Veterans at St. Elizabeth’s Government Hospital for the Insane”
            Dillon J. Carroll, University of Georgia, Athens

“More Than Paper and Ink: Confederate Medical Literature and the Making of a Profession”
            Lindsay Rae Smith, University of Alabama

Third Session: The 2014 Wiley-Silver Prize in Civil War History (12:00)

Nature’s Civil War: Common Soldiers and the Environment in 1862 Virginia
            Kathryn Shively Meier, Virginia Commonwealth University


Fourth Session: (2:30)

“The Un-Imagined Community: Horace Greeley, the Communication Revolution, and the Making of Section Identity”
            James M. Lundberg, Lake Forest College

“ ‘To Know What War Is:’ Understanding ‘Total War’ through Civil War Photography”
            Amy Laurel Fluker, University of Mississippi

Fifth Session: (4:00)

“ ‘Existing in the Present . . . Oblivious, to the Dead and Buried Past:’ Uncovering the Technological and Economic Legacy of the Civil War in Knoxville, Tennessee.”     
            Steven B. Davis, University of Kansas

“Failure to Communicate: Problems with the Union Telegraph During the Battle of Chancellorsville”          
            James Scythes, West Chester University