North Carolina

Below is a list of monuments to personalities, soldiers, and events related to North Carolina's Civil War.

Type In Memory Of Date Location City
CSA   09/25/1925 N. Second St Albemarle
CSA   09/02/1911 courthouse Asheboro
CSA 60th Regt. North Carolina Volunteers 11/08/1905 courthouse Asheville
CSA   05/10/1926 courthouse Beaufort
CSA Confederate dead 03/20/1895   Bentonville
CSA Texas state monument     Bentonville
CSA   05/27/1914 courthouse Burgaw
CSA   09/26/2009 courthouse Burnsville
CSA Univ. of North Carolina troops 06/02/1913 McCorkel Place, Univ. of NC campus Chapel Hill
CSA   06/10/1887 Elmwood Cemetery Charlotte
CSA   05/12/1916 courthouse Clinton
CSA   08/07/1902 courthouse Columbia
CSA   05/05/1892 courthouse Concord
CSA   08/04/1910 Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Cornelius
CSA   1918 courthouse Currituck
CSA   05/26/1990 courthouse Danbury
CSA   05/20/2000 courthouse Dobson
CSA   05/10/1924 courthouse Durham
CSA   05/10/1909 Broad and Water St Edenton
CSA   05/10/1911 courthouse Elizabeth City
CSA   06/03/1928 Elmwood cemetery Enfield
CSA "Confederate Grays," 20th Regt., Co. E 05/20/1932 W Main St Faison
CSA   12/30/1868 Cross Creek Cemetery Fayetteville
CSA Confederate dead 1894 Bentonville Battlefield Four Oaks
CSA   09/30/1909 Phillips and Main St Franklin
CSA   11/21/1912 courthouse Gastonia
CSA   07/08/1915 Court St Gatesville
CSA   05/10/1883 Willowdale Cemetery Goldsboro
CSA   05/06/1914 courthouse Graham
CSA   06/03/1888 Green Hill Cemetery Greensboro
CSA   11/13/1914 courthouse Greenville
CSA   11/10/1910 courthouse Henderson
CSA   04/10/1905 Henderson County Heritage Museum Hendersonville
CSA   06/12/1912 courthouse Hertford
CSA   1899 Oakwood Cemetery High Point
CSA   10/26/1923 United Methodist Church Holly Springs
CSA   05/10/1912 Stallings Memorial Park Justice
CSA     Maplewood Cemetery Kinston
CSA Confederates stationed at Ft Fisher 06/02/1932 Ft Fisher State Historic Site Kure Beach
CSA headquarters at Ft Fisher 1921 Ft Fisher State Historic Site Kure Beach
CSA   11/14/1912 courthouse Laurinburg
CSA   06/03/1910 courthouse Lenoir
CSA   09/14/1905 Davidson County Historical Museum Lexington
CSA   05/11/1911 courthouse Lincolnton
CSA   06/03/1900 Sunset Hill Cemetery Littleton
CSA   05/13/1914 Louisburg College Louisburg
CSA   05/10/1907 courthouse Lumberton
CSA McDowell county dead   courthouse Marion
CSA Dixie Highway 1926 courthouse Marshall
CSA "Dixie Invincibles," 33rd Regt., Co. I 03/14/2001 Goshen Rd Middletown
CSA   07/04/1910 courthouse Monroe
CSA   06/22/1918 courthouse Morganton
USA 9th New Jersey Regiment Vol Infantry 1905 New Bern National Cemetery New Bern
USA Massachusetts monument 1908 New Bern National Cemetery New Bern
USA Connecticut monument 1908 New Bern National Cemetery New Bern
USA Rhode Island monument 10/06/1909 New Bern National Cemetery New Bern
CSA   10/11/1885 Cedar Grove Cemetery New Bern
CSA   08/15/1907 courthouse Newton
CSA Caldwell County veterans   courthouse Newton
CSA   10/30/1909 Richard H. Thornton Library Oxford
CSA   08/23/1907 courthouse Pittsboro
CSA   05/20/1895 capitol grounds Raleigh
CSA   1870 Oakwood Cemetery Raleigh
CSA   05/10/1910 Oakwood Cemetery Raleigh
CSA Gettysburg Memorial 05/04/1997 Oakwood Cemetery Raleigh
CSA Henry Lawon Wyatt 06/10/1912 capitol grounds Raleigh
CSA Confederate women 06/10/1914 capitol grounds Raleigh
CSA   06/29/1910 Scales and Morehead St Reidsville
CSA   11/14/1930 Lee and W Washington St Rockingham
CSA   05/10/1917 Battle Park Rocky Mount
CSA   05/20/1922 courthouse Roxboro
CSA Confederate captains of Person County 05/09/1931 courthouse Roxboro
CSA   11/12/1910 courthouse Rutherfordton
USA Federal Monument to Union dead 12/31/1876 Salisbury National Cemetery Salisbury
USA Maine monument 06/00/1908 Salisbury National Cemetery Salisbury
USA Pennsylvania monument 11/16/1910 Salisbury National Cemetery Salisbury
CSA   05/10/1909 W Innes and Church St Salisbury
CSA   05/10/1907 courthouse Shelby
CSA   05/10/1887 Riverside Cemetery Smithfield
CSA   05/10/1929 courthouse Snow Hill
CSA   05/10/1906 courthouse Statesville
CSA   09/18/1915 courthouse Sylva
CSA   10/29/1904 town common Tarboro
CSA Henry Lawon Wyatt 08/03/1910 town common Tarboro
CSA   1958 courthouse Taylorsville
CSA     courthouse Taylorsville
CSA   1960 courthouse Trenton
CSA   01/19/1906 courthouse Wadesboro
CSA Confederate women 09/22/1934 courthouse Wadesboro
CSA   08/27/1903 Fairview Cemetery Warrenton
CSA   10/29/1913 courthouse Warrenton
CSA   05/10/1905 Oakdale Cemetery Washington
CSA Confederate dead 05/10/1905 Oakdale Cemetery Washington
CSA last shot of Civil War 10/09/1923 Sulphur Springs Rd Waynesville
CSA   1940 courthouse Waynesville
CSA   09/17/1908 E Ninth and Maple St Weldon
CSA   05/10/1872 Oakdale Cemetery Wilmington
CSA   1924 S 3rd and Dock St Wilmington
CSA   11/11/1926 courthouse Wilson
CSA   05/10/1902 Maplewood Cemetery Wilson
CSA Confederate dead of Bertie County 08/13/1896   Windsor
CSA   08/13/1896 S King and Dundee St Windsor
CSA   10/03/1905 4th and Liberty St Winston-Salem
CSA   09/25/1913 courthouse Winton
CSA   09/10/1921 courthouse Yanceyville