District of Columbia

Below is a list of monuments to personalities, soldiers, and events related to the Civil War in Washington, DC.

Type In Memory Of Date Location
USA African-American Civil War Memorial, "Spirit of Freedom" 1996/09/00 10th and U St
USA Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman 1903/10/15 15th St and Pennsylvania Ave
USA Albert Pike 1901/00/00 3rd and D St
USA Dr. Benjamin Franklin Stevens 1909/07/03 7th St
USA Admiral David Farragut and US Navy Memorial 1897/00/00 8th and Pennsylvania Ave
USA 25th New York volunteers 1914/09/19 Battleground National Cemetery
USA Arsenal Monument 1865/00/00 Congressional Cemetery
USA Major Gen. George B. McClellan 1907/05/02 Connecticut Ave and Columbia Rd
USA Abraham Lincoln "Rail Fence-Mender" 1940/00/00 Department of the Interior
USA Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont Memorial Fountain 1921/05/17 Dupont Circle
USA Admiral David Farragut 1881/04/25 Farragut Square
USA Ft Stevens Lincoln Memorial 1911/11/07 Ft Stevens
USA Abraham Lincoln 1868/04/15 Judiciary Square
USA Emancipation Memorial 1876/04/14 Lincoln Park
USA Major Gen. John A. Logan 1901/04/09 Logan Circle
USA VFW monument to American soldiers 1976/00/00 Maryland Ave and Constitution Ave
USA Brig. Gen. James Birdseye McPherson 1876/10/18 McPherson Square
USA Peace Monument, to Union dead 1877/00/00 Pennsylvania Ave and 1st St
USA Major Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock 1896/05/12 Pennsylvania Ave and 7th St
USA Major Gen. George Gordon Meade 1927/10/19 Pennsylvania Ave, between 3rd and 4th St.
USA Major Gen. John A. Rawlins 1874/00/00 Rawlins Park
USA Nuns of the Battlefield 1924/09/20 Rhode Island Ave and M St
USA Lieut. Gen. Winfield Scott 1874/00/00 Scott Circle
USA Gen. Philip H. Sheridan 1908/11/30 Sheridan Circle
USA Thomas H. Benton and Frank P. Blair 1899/00/00 Statuary Hall, the Captiol
USA Major Gen. George H. Thomas 1879/11/19 Thomas Circle
USA Ulysses S. Grant 1922/04/27 Union Square
USA Lieut. Gen. Winfield Scott 1873/00/00 United States Soldiers Home
USA Lincoln Memorial 1922/05/30 West Potomac Park
USA John Ericsson 1926/05/29 West Potomac Park